Create a bot with NLU in Python

At Wizeline we have Python courses, and recent topic was how to build a Bot in Python.

Snake over Telnet in Go

Telnet games were very popular some time ago, especially this Star Wars movie: telnet towel.

Slack Stranger Bot in Go

I am enjoying writing programs in a short time, like in a Hackathon way.

Benchmarking gRPC+Protobuf vs HTTP+JSON in Go

Simplest possible solution for communication between services is to use JSON over HTTP.

Building REST Server with Elixir

I always wanted to try Elixir because of it’s nice Erlang ecosystem and because it’s similar to Go in a lot of points.

Handle HTTP Request Errors in Go

In this short post I want to discuss handling HTTP request errors in Go.

o means open. Simple CLI tool to open repository in browser.

Here is my small bash function! When you run it from the terminal it opens the GitHub/BitBucket/GitLab page in your browser for the git repository you are currently in.

Grammarly is a Must-Have Tool for Bloggers

English is not my native language, and I always feel that my texts which I post here are hard to read.

Games based on Voice Recognition

Hi, folks! Last Saturday I was very inspired by Alexa skills using server-side Swift talk organized by Wizeline Vietnam team.

Garbage Collection in Git

To understand git garbage collector, we need to understand how branches work.