Database Migrations with Go and Kubernetes

Applications with database layer mostly need to execute database migration as part of its deployment process.

Google Cloud Functions in Go

Earlier this month Google Cloud Functions team finally announced beta support of Go, the runtime uses Go 1.

Ultimate ClickHouse Helm Chart

Seems like ClickHouse is experiencing growth in industries like IoT, Web Analytics, AdTech, Log Management, because of its robustness with big amounts of data.

NASA Collage

One of the most popular websites at NASA is the Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Docker and Go modules

As you may know Go 1.11 includes opt-in feature for versioned modules.

Microservices with go-kit. Part 2

This is a text version of the “packagemain #13: Microservices with go-kit.

Deploying Facebox to AWS ECS

Currently I am building a product on top of face recognition functionality and I am using Facebox with go-sdk as it’s the easiest way to add face recognition features to your project.

Table driven tests in Go

In practice-go we often use table driven testing to be able to test all function scenarios.

Microservices with go-kit. Part 1

This is a text version of the “packagemain #12: Microservices with go-kit.

Organizing the first GopherCon in Vietnam

Hi Gophers! We’re working hard to organize the first GopherCon in Vietnam, HCMC this year.