Logging in Go using logrus

Logging is a very essential part of large software, it’s hard to overstate the importance of logging, be it performance metrics logging, error logging, or debug logging for troubleshooting later.

Error Handling in Go

Engineering Management Books

We live in the world where there are so many offerings of information in all possible formats: podcasts, videos, blogs, etc.

Building a TCP Chat in Go

Writing testable Go code

When I say “testable code”, what I mean is code that can be easily programmatically verified.

Writing REST API Client in Go

API clients are very helpful when you’re shipping your REST APIs to the public.

Mounting Google Cloud Storage bucket to Kubernetes Pod

You may ask why doing this if we can use PersistentVolume?

Google Home Action to manage your Kubernetes cluster

I always wanted to find a good use case of Google Home to make some DevOps tasks funnier.

Rate Limiting HTTP Requests in Go based on IP address

If you are running HTTP server and want to rate limit requests to the endpoints, you can use well-maintained tools such as github.

Building Desktop App in Go using Wails

This post is a text version of packagemain #6: Building Desktop App in Go using Wails video.