Working with ClickHouse in Go. Part 1: Basics

ClickHouse is an open-source column-oriented database management system that allows generating analytical data reports in real time.

Working with DB nulls in Golang

This post shows how to marshall NULL values from the database into Go struct and how to avoid mistakes during fetching optional values with SELECT query.

Optimize Go binary size

~21MB Well, I found yesterday that LogPacker Daemon weights about 21MB.

Quiz yourself in Golang. Part 1

30 basic questions to measure your Golang knowledge. Answers and .

Measure performance changes with benchcmp

go test -bench=. Go has a great option to write your benchmarks and run it together with go test with option -bench.

Supported Go types for gomobile bind

gomobile bind With gomobile we can generate language bindings that make it possible to call Go functions from Java.

Go-client for PayPal API

Clients in Go There are official SDK libraries for PHP, Java and Python, but our service is written in GO, and in this case SDK search mostly fails.

Welcome to Alex Pliutau's blog

Let me introduce myself I started my blogging with Russian content at plutov.