playgo - CLI tool to send .go file to the Go Playground · · Go Golang Open Source

Usually when we share a runnable Go code we do: copy code, open Go Playground, paste code, click Share.

So playgo does it for you.

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Practice Go. Exercise 2: Floyd's Triangle · · Go practice-go

Create a Pull Request for this exercise

Please provide a function FloydTriangle that returns a Floyd’s triangle matrix by given rows count.

Floyd’s triangle

2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9 10
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Go 1.8 released. What is new? · · Go GoReleaseParty Go 1.8 Golang

Go team has released new version on February 16. You can get it from the download page. To celebrate the release, Go User Groups around the world are holding release parties this week. Spread the word using hashtag #GoReleaseParty. And in this article I will talk in short what’s new in Go 1.8. HTTP graceful shutdown It is now possible to call srv.Close() to halt an http.Server immediately, or srv.Shutdown(ctx) to stop and gracefully drain the server of connections. Read more

Practice Go. Exercise 1: Chess · · Go practice-go

Today I want to introduce the “Practice Go”, a collection of different Go exercises. Every week I will post/push a new exercise without a solution, so anyone can solve it via PR. I will select the fastest and more elegant solution and merge it into the master. If my solution is better, I will post it :)

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Weelco - watch, upload and share 360 degrees videos · · Weelco VR Oculus

Hey Guys! We are excited to announce the BETA version of Weelco. Weelco is the latest step in VR world. Beta comes with a bunch of cool features: Full support for leading Android, Oculus and HTC Vive Watching and uploading 360° videos Building playlists and creating channels Speech search Multi-language support Later I will share technical side of this project, and yes, it’s written in Go. Links Android Oculus HTC Vive Fill out the form to show us those pesky bugs! Read more

Add a Watermark to the image with image go package · · Go

Go is very rich for packages support. But I also can say that Go is a perfect language to write almost everything with help of stdlib only. At Weelco we are generating some images with watermarks in Go, and we are using only image package.

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Use Go Fonts in Atom · · Go Atom

Just a few days ago Go team has announced Go font called “Go Mono”. Go source code looks good when displayed in Go Mono. Also go fonts are licensed under the same open source license as the rest Go projects have.

Here is an example how it looks in my Atom.


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Perfect func main() · · Go

It’s the only one function all Go commands must have. You may say that everyone’s main() function is different, depends on a project. But let’s think about reusability and testability. main() function cannot be tested in a good way, also it cannot be imported and used in another go project. So all you code you put into it isn’t reusable/testable.

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Swaggerize your APIs · · Go Swaggger

Swagger UI is a great tool and a must have for any respectable API project. It has an intuitive design, all endpoints can be tested from the interface. For example, let’s have a look at Kubernetes API, where endpoints are grouped by version, and everything is accessible in easy way. In this post I’ll show how to build it together with your API written in Go.

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Golang Docker Skeleton · · Go Docker


I really like templates and standards in the companies or a single team. Of course each company has it’s own application layout, because it depends on tools, people and goals. Also everyone wants to save a time. In the SOA century we have to create new projects, repositories more often and often, create Dockerfile again, think about layout, write a documentation. In this post I want to share my template created for Go applications that work in Docker, which I am using in my projects.

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