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This function can be used to generate short unique hashes, for example in URL shorteners. You’re given a dictionary of unique characters and max length of result hash. Please implement a function GenerateShortHashes(dictionary string, maxLen int) []string which generates all possible, unique hashes with minimum length 1 and maximum lenght maxLen.


GenerateShortHashes("ab", 1)
// []string{"a", "b"}

GenerateShortHashes("ab", 2)
// []string{"a", "b", "aa", "bb", "ab", "ba"}

GenerateShortHashes("ab", 3)
// []string{"a", "b", "aa", "bb", "ab", "ba", "aaa", "baa", "aba", "aab", "bbb", "abb", "bab", "bba"}

Note: sequence of hashes doesn’t matter.

Run tests with benchmarks

go test -bench .