I just created a new challenge in Practice Go collection, happy to review all possible solutions and choose the best one.

Secret Message

Create a function to decode a secret message, to do it you have to: - Sort the characters in the encoded string by the number of times this character appears in it (descending). - Now take the sorted string, and drop all the characters after (and including) the _. The remaining word is the answer.


b_bcb_ => b_c => b

How to solve

  • Each folder has a README.md file and _test.go file, check it and find what kind of function you need to implement.
  • Code this function in the separate .go file inside a package and run tests. You may use anything you want except 3rd-party packages.
  • Create a PR with one .go file.
  • We will choose the most fast and elegant solution and merge into the repo within 7 days.

Create a Pull Request for this exercise

Run tests with benchmarks

go test -bench .