Your mission is to write a mosaic-photo generating command line program that:

  • Allows the user to select a target picture.
  • Allows the user to select a directory containing a set of tile pictures.
  • Generates a mosaic-photo of the target picture using the tile pictures.


  • Try not to use 3rd party libraries.
  • png-only support.
  • Size of the output photo should be the same as size of target photo.

Test it!

This challenge doesn’t contain Go tests, and should be tested by executing command line program in the following format:

go run main.go --in tiles/ --target tile.png --out out.png

Where: - --in is a folder with all possible tiles. More tiles is better. - --target is an original photo, which is the photo that will be made into a mosaic-photo. - --out is the name of output file.

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